Meath County Council, Planning Application RA170815

On Wednesday 12 July 2017 a Site Notice appeared in Ratoath stating:

“Owr Construction Limited intends to apply for permission for development on this 0.1132 Ha site at the corner of Seagrave Hall and Fairyhouse Road, Co. Meath. … The proposed development is for: “for a three storey residential development comprising a terrace of 4 No. 4 bed dwellings … The dwellings will range in size from 166.9 sq. m to 187.97 sq. m. The development will also include the provision of a new vehicular access off Seagrave Hall to the north west of the site; 8 no. car-parking spaces…”

Meath County Council received the Planning Application (RA170815) the previous day.

The proposed high density, three-storey, sixteen-bedroom building is completely inappropriate for this location.  Its size and height, limited open spaces and inadequate car parking means that there will be a very negative impact on existing residents in the area.  For example, in terms of:

  • Greatly reduced privacy for neighboring properties over shadowed by the building
  • The hazardous location of the narrow entrance to the small car park
  • Risks associated with on-street/on-pavement parking by residents and visitors near a busy main road
  • The removal of mature trees at the boundary of the site (the trunks of these trees are not even on the plot)
  • A lack of drainage resulting in surface water run-off to nearby properties on lower ground
  • The lack of green space resulting in the use of nearby amenities by non-residents

It would also set a precedence for the construction of high density developments of an economy build quality/finish in an established residential area – superseding the far more demanding planning standards that have previously been applied to this part of Fairyhouse Road.

Update:  On 28 August Meath County Council Planning Department issued a letter to Owr Construction that appears to rule out a three-storey building and requests information about a two-storey design.  The company has six months to respond.

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