Comments Letter

We intend to submit a comments letter to Meath County Council in regards to this planning application.  The likely substance of the content can be gained from the Initial Thoughts post, but additional suggestions are very welcome.  If you would to be included as a signatory, please add a comment with your name(s) and address, or alternatively email us, or simply put a note through our letter box.

Richard & Terri Beedall, 1 Seagrave Hall

4 thoughts on “Comments Letter”

  1. Other thoughts; have we lobbied the local politicians, considering we have a minister in the constituency, along with Nick Killian, I can assist here. In addition have we approached Fairyhouse Grove.

  2. Hi Rob,
    I haven’t tried to lobby anyone such as Nick Killian or Regina … there seems to be pros/and cons to this. I’m relying on the facts and due process for MCC to reach the correct decision! But if you have contacts and feel that it is appropriate to use them now, may I leave that you?

    As regards Fairyhouse Grove – I have deliberately not approached the houses there. But based on info gained today, at least one seems likely to be supported.

    Regards, Richard. (1 Seagrave)

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