MCC request additional information

MCC Planning Department have sent a letter dated 28 August 2017 to Owr Construction Ltd asking for additional information.  Copied below.

The letter requests a three-storey development and asks for a revised proposal based on a two-storey development.  The  nature and extent of the information requested would seem to indicate that they have very serious reservations about even this.   If no response is received in six(!) months then the application is deemed to have been withdrawn.  So 28 February 2018 is a date to put in your diary.

1 thought on “MCC request additional information”

  1. It’s worth emphasizing that MCC Planning haven’t said no, rather they have asked Owr to submit a revised 2-storey design for development. Potentially this revised design could be submitted and approved at any point over the next 6 months.

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