12 Jan 2018 – No News … But

As of today (12 Jan) there are no updates about this application on the Meath CC website.   Owr Construction now has just 6 weeks to respond to the request for further information.

My own expectation is that Owr will “throw the dice” and submit a revised proposal for 2-story apartment building just before the 28 Feb deadline.  This will be an improvement on the July 2017 proposal, but still worse than the planning application  (DA70314)  which was damningly refused in 2007.  Hopefully the planners will stick to their principles and guidelines again.

However, planning approval has already been granted to build two 4-bedroom detached houses on the site, this has already been extended and will now expire  December 2018.  If Owr decide to cut their losses, it’s quite possible that bull dozers will be on site for building these houses by the summer.