Meeting with Owr Construction

Owr Construction very belatedly requested a meeting with local residents.    This was held on 6 November and it certainly clarified some things as far as local residents are concerned.

Given that the meeting was requested by Owr Construction, we had hoped for at least some awareness of the concerns of local residents (which have been extensively documented in numerous submissions to MCC and ABP going back 16 months now), and the presentation of some positive suggestions as to how these might be addressed.

However the MD of Owr Construction – Mr Whelan – was totally clear (on multiple occasions) that he would not consider any changes that involved revisiting the planning application. As such, the gap between what Mr Whelan wants to build on the plot, and what existing residents can accept, appears very difficult to bridge.

Local residents are thus fully behind the planning appeal to An Bord Pleanala, and are starting consider options in the unlikely event that this unsuccessful.  We also intend to make clear to potential buyers that they are unwelcome, and will NOT be able to avail of facilities in neighbouring private estates such as green areas and parking.