No queue of potential buyers?

As of 16 August, there have been no obvious surveys of the site by potential buyers.  Further, the housing market in County Meath is starting to fall after 5 boom years, e.g.  the Independent newspaper reports that prices fell by 2.5% in the three months May to June 2019.  It will be interesting to see how long Owr Construction will holdout before reducing the Euro 550,000 asking price for the site – probably the longer the better in terms of delaying site clearance and the start of construction work.

In the event that site is visited, we will of course attempt to speak to the visitors in order to explain local opposition to the completely unsuitable development.  If a buyer or potential buyer is identified, we will try to arrange a formal meeting with them at the earliest opportunity.

Unfortunately it seems very unlikely that I will be able to re-enable the on-line posting of comments without setting up accounts, an overhead I don’t want to take on.  Every day dozens of unsuitable spam comments are being submitted, also attempts are being made every few minutes to hack in to this site.  I don’t think we can blame Owr for that!