Update – October 2018

When the granting of Planning Application  MCC Reg. Ref RA/170815 was appealed to An Bord Pleanala in early July 2018, Owr immediately withdrew the application.  During the rest of the month Owr then made a rapid submission of four new applications to MCC, ending with RA/180833, which – to quote the application – “replicates … RA/170815”. Tracking all these events and responding with submissions has presented a serious and costly challenge; it seems to represent a legal but undesirable “gaming” of the planning system by Owr and their consultants – Thornton O’Connor Town Planning.

On 18 September, MCC granted RA/180833.  This was inevitable as any other decision would have implied accepting that they made a serious mistake in granting RA/170815.  The decision was appealed to ABP on 12 October.  We now await to see if Owr again withdraw their application, or decided to letter the appeal take its course.

Please see the MCC planning website for the latest situation, and copies of scanned documents:  http://www.eplanning.ie/MeathCC/AppFileRefDetails/ra170815/0

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